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Natural Selections
Washington County Museum of Fine Art
April 21- July 9, 2017
401 Museum Dr.
Hagerstown MD

published in tandem with the exhibition "Christine Neill, Natural Selections.
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Metaphors of Light and Night
Christine Neill, 2015
Articles and Reviews

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Mystery & Magic in Nature
Warner Art Gallery, O’Brien Arts Center
St Andrews School, Middletown, DE
September 1- October 11, 2012

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GENUIS: species, Christine Neill,
Recent work at Goya Contemporary
May 25-August 15, 2011
Sweet Spontaneous Earth:
Recent Works of Christine Neill
By Dominique Nahas

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Cara Ober
Southern Vermont Art Center
November-20, 2010-January 2, 2011
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Naturally Inspired
Paintings by Christine Neill and Peter W. Brooke
April 9-October 29, 2008
Tracy Lambros, Artist and Art Consultant, Curator for the Commerce and Culture Series

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2015 Baker Award Finalist